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Brief: 'Towards Interactive Storytelling' is the title of my thesis aiming at enhancing the storytelling experience with an exploration of non linearity, navigable structures and web narratives.'However, just as radio didn't disappear when television arrived, it's not likely print media will disappear altogether.' (Hurlburt & Voas, 2011). The printed book reading experience is struggling to survive the fast technological advancements. Adaptations of books into cinematic films and television series, show directors’ attempts to substitute the reading experience into a visual audible one. With recent devices that improved electronic reading, and enhanced e-books incorporating multimedia content, the book became in a comparative state with the digitised mediums indirectly trying to replace it (Coyle, 2008). Yet with all these enhancements, book readers still prefer their hard or soft covered books with their distinct paper texture, their portability aspect, their personal sense of belonging to ones' shelves and, for some of us, also their unique smell (Reid,2010).

This thesis suggests an approach of intersecting different mediums, in an attempt to design a storytelling experience assisting the book rather than eliminating it or substituting it. The proposed concept is shaped according to an analytical point of view on current developments in the fields of interaction design, storytelling, nonlinearity in navigable structures and web narratives. The project revolves around an integrated multiscreen experience* forming an interactive space around the book's content, while making use of the dynamic exploratory characteristics of the digital world.

Divided into multiple layers, the overall practical side of this project is oriented around a book titled “The Story of Cairo” written by Stanley Lane-Pool, first published in 1902. Next to the interactive experience and the interface design proposed, a visualisation of the book's essence is explored through a visual narrative short film. This narrative is exploring the time gap between the words of the author and their visual interpretations after one hundred and ten years.

PDF: Excerpt from the thesis | Place: Cairo, Egypt | Type: Thesis, Interface Design, Filmmaking | Supervision: Jochen Braun and Magdalena Kallenberger

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