The Country of 80 Million | '11

Brief: A political awareness project - through a depiction of the political timeline that Egypt has experienced over the years. All information collected for the video is from making sure it is from the people to the people.

It is very hard at the moment to predict the future, it is not even clear anymore which is the good side from the bad. The military existence in the streets of Egypt, is not well defined - are they taking over, or handing the situation over. There are different opinions on this situation, some see the military as the protector, and others see them as the enemy.

After a lot of readings in the history of Egypt, I discovered a certain pattern that keeps repeating itself in different forms yet with one main consistent common element. Egypt has been invaded by various countries, it has seen different types of political systems, from Pharaohs, Greeks, Arabs to British Kingdom, Egypt has almost seen it all. It is argued that Egypt is one of the few countries that had a relatively big number of revolts in a short period of time. From my personal perspective, when it comes to politics, Egypt had a number of bad luck cases.

My concept got developed into an awareness video stating that throughout Egypt's history, there has been a lot of different types of political corruptions, that always resulted to the normal citizens' misery. In this video, I collect a historical script that shows a number of examples, trying to get people to be aware, that regardless of who is ruling, we tend to turn them into pharaohs and the history keeps repeating itself.

PDF: Excerpt from documentation | Place: Cairo, Egypt | Type: Documentary, Motion Graphics | Supervision: Mikala Hyldig Dal