Cross Culture Video | '11

Brief: The short films that got developed, were directed and edited in two cities. A collaboration project between the German University in Cairo and Furtwangen University. A cross culture video project where communication between the two teams was only through the exchanged video parts.

[ Seemingly Borderless ] is team portrait of me and my colleague Yacoub shot in two cities.
[ 2022 ] is a science-fiction in a world that looks like something we used to know.
[ Love ] is short film on relationships, awkwardness and time gaps.

PDF: Excerpt from documentation |Place: Dubai, Emirates - Cairo, Egypt - Berlin, Germany | Type: Collaborative Project, Filmmaking | Collaboration: Yacoub Yassin, Peter Franssen and Alexander Graeff | Supervision: Daniel Fetzner and Magdalena Kallenberger

Seemingly Borderless - Team Portraits with Yacoub Yassin

2022 - Stills from Editing Process

Love - Cross Culture Video #2

Skype conference at GUC and screening at Goethe Institute of Cairo