Inbetween Spaces | '13

Brief: An acoustic navigable experience that explores the relation between sound and space. An invitation to explore and identify sounds we tend to miss in transitional spaces in a two sided installation in Egypt and The Netherlands. As explorers, we are always in a hunt for interesting spaces, new perceptions and experiences. We developed the concept of building a bridge between us linking the spacial gap between the two countries. We wanted to explore our cities and our connection through the exploration of spaces of low-awareness. The metaphor of 'Constructing a bridge' came into shape when we realised that it's about transitional spaces in Cairo and Leiden, but rather a transitional space in between both of them formed of a collage of their transitional spaces.

Place: Cairo, Egypt, Leiden, The Netherlands | Collaboration: Bernd Dudzik | Type: Sound Installation, Interactive

Part of the Max MSP Patch

Prototype Installation in Leiden

Cairo-side of the Installation/Performance

Leiden-side of the Installation/Performance

Arduino, Sensors, Cables Setup