In Memory Of | '13

It was warm and sunny, and I was walking along the abandoned metro tracks. The silence around me made me question how long I've been walking on this road. I dragged my feet, as if I was carrying a huge load on my shoulder. I looked at the ground covered with stones and it seemed that it would never come to an end.

The heat was rising and my journey has not even begun. My sandals were torn up, and I could feel my pulse in my ankle's bruises. My heartbeats were slowing down, everything was moving slowly, and my breath.. i could no longer take.

It wasn't that long after I woke up in the middle of the road. My jaw hurt and I felt that I broke some teeth inside my mouth. My head was facing down and all I saw was this wild grass in between the land of stones gravel.

I stood once again, not sure which way I was walking. Far away, my eyes failed to see clearly, yet my mind whispered not to get off the tracks. I didn't care where I was heading to, as long as I wasn't standing still. My throat was dry and my salty lips were all covered with sand and dust. A hint of breeze flowed in my face and I felt my hair moving slightly. It hit me suddenly. I stopped abruptly, and I looked back.

There was nothing, not even the stray black cats that I expected to see. there was only this fading image of myself, passing by here once before. I wasn't sure if this was a feint memory or another lucid dream. Even though there was nothing to look at, a sound from far away started to approach. The tracks looked like they are closing in, and I felt the pressure on my heart even stronger than before. I turned around as if I was escaping my own self and started to run.

My heart beat faster and faster, but i was not able to stop to catch my breath. The sounds were approaching and a siren started to wail louder and louder. My body was already exhausted and my sight was only as sharp as far as under my own feet. I wanted to look behind me, but the endless gravel stones were all my eyes were able to see. Though as I was running, I started to stumble upon other things. My eyes recognised torn papers and broken pencils, but my mind refused to switch focus from my familiar stones.

My knees started to fail me and my bruises' pain resurfaced again. Suddenly the silence dominated, and as I slowed down my heartbeats were racing up. I could feel all the blood rushing down, being pulled by gravity. I knew my eyes were wide open but darkness filled everything in front of me.

A small whisper in my right ear. a familiar voice crying help. And I opened my eyes once again in the middle of the road.

// In memory of the children who were killed in a train crash when their school bus was crossing railway tracks on Saturday 17th of November 2012, Assiout.

Place: Cairo, Egypt | Type: Storytelling, Writing | Supervision: Henriette Bornkamm