A Letter To My Father | '13

Brief: Under the project 'Cross Cultural Media' directed by prof. Daniel Fetzner and Magdalena Kallenberger, this installation explores the relation between the written word and the image. The project tackles social transformation within the family structures of its participants both from Egypt and Germany. Letters of intimacy and private emotions addressed to the father figure were written and exchanged among the participants of the project and a cross-visual-reflection took place resulting in a hybrid representation of this complex father-child relationship. Each participant had to reflect on the letter they were given in photographs in an attempt to capture their emotional experience in relation to the words of another participant. The project was exhibited at the symposium Spuren 2.0 in Freiburg and Artwella Gallery in Cairo. It is was sponsored by the Goethe-Institut Kairo and DAAD.

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'Diese Reise hat meine Perspektive bereichert', sagt die junge Kairoer Multimedia-Designerin Sara Sallam. Unterstuetzt durch ein Moving MENA-Reisestipendium stellte sie ihr Projekt in Freiburg vor. Die Erfahrungen, die sie mit der 'Stadt ohne Autos' gemacht hat, lesen Sie hier...

Also Documented by Ghada Fikri here

Type: Installation, Audio-Text-Visual | Collaboration: Ghada Fikri, Jonas Konstandin and Manuel Kalla

Still from the visuals intersecting the letters

Installation Space