Non-Place KFC | '13

Brief: An exploration of Non Places in Cairo, through an observation of spaces around the Food chain KFC. A documentary in a form of Geometric Kaleidoscopes. 'If a place can be defined as relational, historical and concerned with identity, then a space which can not be defined as relational, or historical, or concerned with identity will be a non-place.' (Auge, 1995). Marc Age explains how a place is when there is a coexistence of elements together in a certain order, while he defines a space as 'animation of these places by the motion of a moving body'. In contrast to what we expect from these non-places, we seek to extract from them insights on identity, human behaviour, patterns and cultural significance. In 1817 Scottish inventor Sir David Brewster coined down the term 'kaleidoscope' which is dervied from Ancient Greek, meaning [observation of beautiful forms] (Brewster, 1858). Kaleidoscopes reveal geometrical forms and shapes based on theories of light reflections, mirrors behaviour and inclination angles. Through the adoption of similar aesthetics, we reflected on non-places in the form of an extraction of cultural kaleidoscopes.

Place: Cairo, Egypt | Collaboration: Aya el Shawarby, Alyaa El Gharby, Dina Hani | Type: Photography, Graphic Design | Supervision: Prof. Nikolaus von Wolff