Photographic Products | '13

Brief: Photographic Products is a conceptual project that aims to introduce unique products in the furniture and the art markets. Through hand-made authentic photographic products we are introducing an innovative integration between product design and photography, aiming to revive the forgotten photographic techniques and encourage the art of craftsmanship. Together with Alyaa and Shahd El Gharby, this interdisciplinary project started and resulted in the experiment: Desert Studio documented below. Pushing the Wetplate Collodion process of photographing on metal sheets and the concept behind the camera obscura, we were experimenting with photographing families on the surface of products.

Collaboration: Alyaa El Gharby and Shahd El Gharby | Type: Photography, Product Design

Product Designs to be Photographed On

  • Photography Concept of Family Portraits | 1/4

  • Photography Concept of Family Portraits | 2/4

  • Photography Concept of Family Portraits | 3/4

  • Photography Concept of Family Portraits | 4/4

Desert Studio Behind The Camera

The Camera and the Photographic Tables

Portraiture Collages as Visual Research