Remote Control | '11

Brief: Remote ontrols, they could trigger the sound system, the curtains, the garage door or may be even airplanes! But what is really the relation between what we press and what we get? we don t know - it's hidden. How can we assign meaning to objects that perform arbitrary actions! An interactive device that makes use of [ real affordances ] of objects around us, bridging the gap between what we do and what we get.

We often make unintentional gestures to express our emotions. What if we created a world that answers to our unconscious desires! In this project, I am designing an interactive device that takes benefit of a gesture we subconsciously do and transforms it into a design solution that answers the emotions we're expressing. My gesture focus is the hand movement expressing the feeling of a hot warm weather, trying to produce air with ones hand. This gesture was natively communicated long time ago into a paper fan. This movement of the paper fan is to be transformed into a trigger for an electric fan.

Technical Description
The Wiimote connected via Bluetooth will provide an acceleration number to the computer, representing the amount of movement in the Z direction. The Computer will translate the motion into numbers and divide them using Max5. The Arduino Diecimilia, connected by a USB cable, will be programmed to gets input of 3 different ranges of numbers, each range sends current of 5 volts DC from a specified OUT pin on the board. Three 5 volt Reed Relays are connected to the three OUT pins of the board, switching the 5 volt DC voltage to the 3 different wires connected to the buttons of the electrical fan.

PDF: Project Documentation | Link Read Project in-depth | Type: Physical Computing and Interaction Design | Supervision: Bernd Dudzik and Hala Gabr

Circuit with Arduino connected to the Fan

Spraying The Fan

Max MSP patch

Final Setup