Soundbooth | '11

Brief: The concept behind the soundbooth is to make its audience reflect on the audible body memory, re-experiencing the revolution. The revolution is represented in a metaphorical audio timeline. The sounds heard would start with quiet, muffled whispers of people speaking against the government in fear of getting caught (before Jan 25), to loud chants mid revolution, to the cheering after mubarak had left. This audio timeline is also assisted by some lights. The lights would be subtle in the beginning, then they would turn red with the loud protests, then turn yellow or green with the cheering after mubarak had left. An acoustic representation of the development of the Egyptian revolution. an audio expression of emotions questioning the relation between sound, perception and their context.

Place: Cairo, Egypt | Type: Media Installation, Sound Design | Collaboration: Yacoub Yassin and Frederic Fendrich | Supervision: Daniel Fetzner and Julien Schmid

Prototype Design

First Test at the German University in Cairo

First Public Installation near Tahrir Square

Second Public Installation in Ramsis Square

Third Public Installation in Heliopolis