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A Tourist Handbook
for Egypt Outside of Egypt
Vol. 1 – Paris

Second Limited Edition

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Dear tourist, in our walk, we will see not only the Napoleonic victorious conquests that the Parisian streets want us to remember, but we will also encounter the defeats they want us to forget and the colonial greed of which they unwillingly speak.


A Tourist Handbook for Egypt Outside of Egypt is a series of handbooks designed to guide tourists seeking to visit Egyptian sights across European cities. This first volume presents a walking tour in Paris that retells the historical events of Napoleon Bonaparte’s 1798 military campaign in Egypt. It contains a series of collages juxtaposing 19th-century paintings depicting famous battles from that conquest with contemporary photographs of Parisian streets named after these victories. In the book, I interweave these collages with excerpts from Napoleon’s speeches to his soldiers and the Egyptian people. In doing so, I hope to shed critical light on the historical events that these streets commemorate until today.

In this second edition, I include a selection of archival illustrations made by the savants who accompanied Napoleon in Egypt. By reflecting on their portrayals of Egyptian sites and people, which were presented as the outcome of an objective scientific expedition, I seek to accentuate the significance of this campaign as a catalyst for an ever-lasting western interest in Egypt.

10 x 14,5 cm, 64 pages
Second Limited Edition of 40
Hand-sewn with a softcover
Signed and numbered
Includes: 8 photographic collages, 8 archival images from a French colonial publication, 7 Napoleonic speeches, a letter, and a map of Paris
Self-published in July 2021

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