Playing in Fields of Reeds

Uneditioned Print Set

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For the occasion of the opening of the exhibition “Expedition Egypt” at the Royal Museums of Art & History in Brussels, I’m offering these uneditioned prints for sale.

This print set includes three photo-collages from my project, Playing in Fields of Reeds, with which I question why death has become a taboo subject in contemporary Egypt. The prints show young boys playing in a coptic cemetery in Egypt where ancient Egyptian funerary gods, gardens, and temples are integrated to weave together the past and present in harmony. 

Set of 3 pigment prints on archival fine art paper
22,5 x 15 cm print on 27 x 20 cm paper
Uneditioned prints

Print 1: Horus
Print 2: Sekhmet
Print 3: Lotus and Heqet