A Tourist Handbook for Egypt Outside of Egypt

Uneditioned Print Set

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For the occasion of the opening of the exhibition “Expedition Egypt” at the Royal Museums of Art & History in Brussels, I’m offering these uneditioned prints for sale.

This print set includes three photo-collages from the first volume of my book series, A Tourist Handbook for Egypt Outside of Egypt, with which I offer a walking tour in Paris that criticises Napoleon Bonaparte’s 1798 military campaign in Egypt. The prints show Parisian streets juxtaposed with 19th century paintings of the Napoleonic battles they are named after. 

Set of 3 pigment prints on archival fine art paper
22,5 x 15 cm print on 27 x 20 cm paper
Uneditioned prints

Print 1: The Battle of Aboukir, 1807/2018
Print 2: Napoleon and his General Staff in Egypt, 1863/2018
Print 3: Bonaparte before the Sphinx, 1867/2018