They Placed The Tiles Afterwards

First Limited Edition

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This print set is from my ongoing project, They Placed The Tiles Afterwards, with which I am constructing a photographic docu-fiction reimagining the portrayal of an ancient Egyptian artefact. The docu-fiction follows the turmoils of an artefact as she waits to be removed from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, which continues to undergo changes in response to the construction of a new Grand Museum in the metropolitan.  

This work is born out of my growing fascination with that old museum, seeing it over time breathing like a living organism, not hiding the underbelly of its labour, and offering an insight into its ongoing transformation. Piece by piece, the museum halls are being stripped of most of their ancient contents, leaving statues waiting in their long-held places, unknown whether they too will embark on yet another journey.

With this print set, I imagine the turmoils of the ancient Egyptian artefact who sees the familiar faces around her slowly disappear.

Set of 5 Pigment prints on archival fine art paper
First Limited Edition of 10 + 2APs
21 x 14 cm print on 23 x 16 cm paper
Signed and numbered

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