Rooftop Families


in brief

On the rooftops of Cairo, we find satellite dishes, storage spaces and usually lots of rubbish. But on some buildings, residential spaces were made for porters and their families. Three families, originally from smaller cities across the country, have come to settle in the metropolitan capital in hopes for a stable source of income. For a brief period of time, they were my neighbours.

This project stems from my curiosity to discover the new neighbourhood, to which my family and I have relocated. Over a period of three months, I have visited and documented the lives of three families and their daily routines and challenges. My usage of different photographic techniques, such as Collodian wet plates, film and digital photography, was part of my attempt to explore how each process sheds light onto a different reality. 


German University in Cairo, Cairo (2013)
End of Year Group Exhibition

Heliopolis, Cairo (2013)
Solo Exhibition


Portable Darkroom on Rooftops

Documentation Booklet

// This project was conducted during my bachelor studies at the German University in Cairo. My mentor was Henriette Bornkamm

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