Seeing You

2020 - Ongoing


This project began by reflecting on my relationship with my younger sister. As teenagers, we were never really close, and we rarely shared intimate conversations. The four years age difference between us made me always see her as a child. I didn't treat her as a friend, yet she never ceased trying to become one. She wanted to go out with me, hear my advice, and be held by me. But over the years, I was not there for her as often as she hoped I would be.

After I left Egypt to live abroad, however, the distance has changed the nature of our relationship. Far from my childhood home, feelings of regret overshadow my memories of the time together with her. My voice breaks, talking about our relationship. Tears flow from my eyes, looking at our photographs. I started writing her often, expressing my guilt for not having been a better sister to her. However, when I am with her, words fail me. It is as though I have not learned to express myself around her.

Seeing You is an attempt for me to open a conversation with my sister in a language more comfortable to both of us. By going through and reflecting together on our archive of pictures, family albums, and home videotapes, I hope to mend the emotional distance I placed between us. More importantly, I hope to finally respond to the longing for closeness expressed in her eyes.