Let My Eyes Have a Glimpse of You



Let My Eyes Have a Glimpse of You, takes the form of a poetic visual novel that follows the 1986 unresolved disappearance of 16-year-old K. in South London. It records factual and fictional aspects of the incident and of the ongoing search lead by K.’s sister, who still longs to see her now-assumed 50-year-old brother. In the book, I draw parallels between this investigation and the tale of Moses asking to have a glimpse of God on Mount Sinai, exploring, in turn, our dependence on sight and the challenges faced when searching for someone or something we do not have an image of.

14 x 21 cm, Hand-sewn
First edition of 16, signed, and numbered
Includes: embroidered photographs, archival material, and an essay
Expected to be self-published in March 2021