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Let My Eyes Have a Glimpse of You

[ 2015 - ONGOING ]


Let My Eyes Have a Glimpse of You takes the form of a poetic visual novel with a confounding narrative; the 1986 unresolved disappearance of 16-year-old K. in South London. It records factual and fictional aspects of the incident, in reflection to the ongoing search lead by K.’s sister, who still longs to see her now-assumed 50-year-old brother. Her frustrating pursuit to have a glimpse of the unknown is here interwoven with a mystical tale from the mountains of Sinai: The collapse of a mountain in the presence of Moses, who wished to see a glimpse of God despite hearing him. Through this analogy, the journey of searching and dowsing for the hidden becomes a stage to explore the paradoxical notion of faith. Its fragility and strength collide in this interplay between the real and the imagined. On the whole, the project thus reflects on the relationships between seeing, searching, and believing. With it, I question particularly our dependency on sight, its necessity in conducting a search, and its implication on the authority of the photograph, which is inevitably needed even when seeking what the eye cannot see.