Playing in Fields of Reeds



Playing in Fields of Reeds is a series of over-painted photographs imagining a cemetery where ancient and contemporary Egyptian ways of living in harmony with death come together. It bridges the life of a family of cemtery caretakers in Cairo with that of the ancient Egyptians, who dedicated their lives to constructing magnificent tombs, which they envisioned as gateways to fields of reeds —their conception of the afterlife.

The book is divided into three chapters. Chapter I: Garden includes photographs from accross the cemetery over-painted with elements of flora and fauna from ancient Egyptian funerary gardens. Chapter II: Family includes portraits of the members of the cemetery caretakers over-painted with figures of gods that dwell in the underworld. Chapter III: Home includes photographs of the family’s life inside their house located within the cemetery over-painted with elements from ancient Egyptian representations of the tasks performed in the afterlife.

16 x 23 cm, Hand-sewn
Limited edition of 50, signed, and numbered
Includes: over-painted photographs and excerpts from ancient Egyptian writings
Expected to be self-published in June 2021