The Invisible: Zines



These 7 zines were designed as part of the 2016 book The Invisible: Faith as a Phenomenon, each reflecting on an aspect of searching for a missing person. The Night of Disappearance recreates the details of the case through aftermath landscape photography. The Missing Town documents the effect of time on the town K. once knew, by looking at archived imagery. The Lost Letters compiles the posts that A. wrote to her brother over the past four years on social platforms. The Duality of the Unknown focuses on the police approach in handling missing persons cases, while highlighting the dualism in the state of not knowing. The 20th Century Mispers puts together unresolved cases of disappearance in London and their appeals. The Face as an Image reflects on the use of age progressed imagery and its necessity to the search for the disappeared. The Eyewitness contains over 40 witnesses to what happened that night, yet none can ever speak, reflecting on the fact that no sighting of K. has ever surfaced since 1986.